Saturday, September 04, 2004

Purpose Of Mississippi Parents For Justice

This blog is created to connect victims of Judge Larry Buffington, a Chancery Court judge in the the great state of Mississippi.
During Judge Larry Buffington's previous and current term in office he has presided over Chancery Court matters in Jefferson Davis, Covington, Smith, and Lawrence counties as well as having been appointed a special chancellor to hear Chancery cases in other Mississippi counties.
At this point, this blog concerns three matters involving Judge Buffington.
(1) Judge Buffington changed custody of children with false reports concocted by Paul Davey under Judge Buffington's direction and influence to support his rulings. Paul Davey is the counselor used almost exclusively by Judge Buffington that the Mississippi Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers recently revoked his professional licensure. At this point, our staff is unaware of any cases where Judge Buffington is reconsidering changes of custody where Paul Davey was involved.
If you have supplied information to the grassroots group compiling cases to present to District Attorney David Clark on Paul Davey, our group is different. We are comprised of ethical professionals in the legal and psychological field who have represented or currently represent parents in custody cases before Judge Larry Buffington and are not affiliated with those efforts.
(2) Most of the general public outside of legal professionals is unaware that Judge Buffington has used his Chancery Court to hear Circuit Court cases filed by his cronies. Judge Buffington has delivered verdicts and awarded sums of money in Chancery Court that should have been handled in Circuit Court. We are interested in documenting all of these types of cases during Judge Buffington's terms in office.
(3) We are also documenting campaign contributions and repayment of various bank loans by corporations, attorneys, plaintiffs and defendents to secure verdicts in all types of cases presided over by Judge Buffington.
As more information develops, our staff may choose to expand the scope of its investigation.
The purpose of this blog is to find other victims, exchange information, establish a long needed victim support group for the families, encourage media involvement to make Judge Buffington accountable for his actions and facilitate organized communication and documentation with Federal investigative authorities.
If you, anyone you know or anyone you represent has been a victim of Judge Larry Buffington our staff wants to hear from you. When submitting your story, please make a note of your case styling, parties involved, attorneys representing those parties, and county the matter was filed in for our further investigation. Our staff appreciates posts from many different sources.
Professional colleagues in the legal arena who prefer to provide information to us confidentially are welcome to do so. Please make certain your response contains proper case styling for our collaborative research purposes. If your firm has documentation that has been removed from a courthouse, specifically the Smith County, Mississippi, Chancery Courthouse, we accept "certified" copies of those documents.
Parents and family members who have been victimized are urged to recall and research the orders changing custody with a legal professional. Together justice can ultimately prevail.
If you have questions, please email us at